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IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP)

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA)


"The JISPA is the way forward in bringing economies closer by bringing the government officials closer and providing them with the adequate training to analyze economic policies with the right perspectives not only limited to national boundaries but also at regional and global frontiers. As such, I believe the contribution of the JISPA is invaluable. "

"JISPA’s contribution is invaluable as I believe my level of technical knowledge in a variety of fields has been enhanced, and they can be applied in the work place. "

"The JISPA will influence my future career as a policy expert, and then, will make a contribution to develop my organization indirectly, and my country into a prosperous one. "

"During these two years under the JISPA, I changed the way I think and the way I approach a problem. I also learned about the case of many other countries which I am sure will be useful when I get back to my home organization. "

"The JISPA has really helped to build the human capacity of my organization. I can now help my colleagues in conducting socio-economic research by applying some economic theory and econometric models and many other things. "

"After I go back my country, I have so many plans to contribute to my colleagues and staff, with whom I will share the concepts and frameworks from all my courses. "

"The JISPA provides me with a good opportunity to study many interesting courses that I can apply to my job. In addition, learning a new culture is an interesting experience. "

"JISPA’s contribution is invaluable. The program gives a unique opportunity for scholars to acquire knowledge and skills of high quality and appropriateness for our careers, as well as a wide communication network. "