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The Open Track

The open track of the JISPA provides support to scholars who wish to study graduate-level macroeconomics or a related field at either the master’s or Ph.D. level at any leading university in Japan. However, priority is given to Ph.D. candidates. It is geared towards highly motivated officials who are able to identify a course of study in Japan suitable to their professional pursuits in the public sector and supportive of their future work as an economic policy maker. They typically cover all or most of tuition cost and related expenses and provide a monthly stipend for the scholar. The scholarship covers expenses incurred by the scholar only.

For a master’s degree, a scholarship can be awarded for up to two consecutive one-year periods and for a Ph.D. degree for up to three consecutive one-year periods, depending on a university’s requirements under a specific course of study. Annual renewal of the scholarship is subject to approval by the IMF, based on the scholar’s progress, university’s assessment, and sponsoring agency’s consent.

To be eligible for the open track, applicants must first apply directly to the university of their choice to be admitted into a graduate-level program in an appropriate discipline. The IMF maintains no information on the application processes at Japanese universities. The IMF can also consider providing support to those eligible scholars who have already commenced their studies in Japan.

To apply for the open track scholarship, applicants must complete the online application which will be posted on the JISPA website at In addition, they should submit a copy of their letter of acceptance into a graduate-level program from a Japanese university or a copy of the application to a university (see Part IV for complete application guidelines).

Award of the scholarship will depend on the suitability of the chosen university and course of study, as well as a combination of the applicants’ educational background, work experience, and potential for future promotion in one of the key government agencies for economic policy making.

Open-track application can be accepted from April 17, with the application deadline of June 1, 2017, for admission in September/October 2017 and April 2018. Applicants must notify the IMF of the admission result of the university(ies) to which they are applying prior to receiving a final decision on the scholarship award.

Additional application for April 2018 admission, with the deadline of December 1, 2017, will be opened if positions of open-track scholarships are available as a result of the aforementioned selection.

Important Dates for the Open Track

Application Process Dates
Launch online application Early April 2017
Application acceptance period April 17-June 1, 2017
Application Deadline June 1, 2017
Review application materials June 1-30, 2017
Interview with selected applicants July 1-21, 2017
Acceptance notification to selected interviewees July 31, 2017
Deadline to accept scholarship August 7, 2017