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Technical assistance
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Title: Building Monetary and Financial Systems: Case Studies in Technical Assistance
Author/Editor:Enoch, Charles ; de Castello Branco, Marta ; Habermeier, Karl Friedrich ; Enoch, Charles ; Habermeier, Karl Friedrich ; de Castello Branco, Marta
Subject: Financial systems ; Monetary policy ; Technical assistance
Title: Evaluation of the Technical Assistance Provided by the International Monetary Fund
Author/Editor:International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office
lblSeries:Independent Evaluation Office Reports
Subject: Technical assistance programs
Title: Labor Market Policies and IMF Advice in Advanced Economies during the Great Recession
Author/Editor:Blanchard, Olivier ; Jaumotte, Florence ; Loungani, Prakash
lblSeries:Staff Discussion Notes No. 13/2
Subject: Labor market policy ; Developed countries ; Economic recession ; Unemployment ; Minimum wage ; Wage bargaining ; Technical Assistance ; Fund role
Title: Lessons from High Inflation Epidsodes for Stabilizing the Economy in Zimbabwe
Author/Editor:Coorey, Sharmini ; Clausen, Jens R. ; Funke, Norbert ; Ould-Abdallah, Bakar ; Muñoz, Sònia
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/99
Subject: Inflation ; Zimbabwe ; Economic stabilization ; International cooperation ; Technical assistance ; Financial assistance

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