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Oil exports
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Title: Nigeria : Selected Issues
Author/Editor:International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
lblSeries:Country Report No. 17/81
Title: Welfare Gains from Market Insurance: The Case of Mexican Oil Price Risk
Author/Editor:Chang Ma,Fabian Valencia
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 18/35
Title: Boom-Bust Cycle, Asymmetrical Fiscal Response and the Dutch Disease
Author/Editor:Arezki, Rabah ; Ismail, Kareem
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/94
Subject: Business cycles ; Commodity price fluctuations ; Economic models ; Fiscal policy ; Government expenditures ; International trade ; Natural resources ; Oil exports ; Oil producing countries ; Political economy ; Real effective exchange rates ; Revenue mobilization
Title: Fiscal Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa in Response to the Impact of the Global Crisis
Author/Editor:Shamsuddin Tareq ; Andrew Berg ; Victor Duarte Lledo ; Antonio Spilimbergo ; Rolando Ossowski ; Irene Yackovlev ; Norbert Funke ; Alejandro Hajdenberg ; Martin Schindler
lblSeries:Staff Position Note No. 2009/10
Subject: Commodity price fluctuations ; Developing countries ; Emerging markets ; Government expenditures ; Infrastructure ; Oil exporting countries ; Oil exports ; Revenue measures ; Social safety nets
Title: Learning to Live with Cheaper Oil : Policy Adjustment in MENA and CCA Oil-Exporting Countries
Author/Editor:Martin Sommer ; Allan Auclair ; Armand Fouejieu ; Inutu Lukonga ; Saad Quayyum ; Amir Sadeghi ; Gazi Shbaikat ; Andrew Tiffin ; Bruno Versailles
lblSeries:Middle East and Central Asia Departmental Paper No. 16/3
Subject: Oil ; Oil exporting countries ; Oil exports ; Oil prices ; Oil producing countries ; Oil product prices ; Oil revenues
Title: Macroeconomic and Sectoral Effects of Terms-of-Trade Shocks - The Experience of the Oil-Exporting Developing Countries
Author/Editor:Spatafora, Nikola ; Warner, Andrew M.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/134
Subject: Terms of trade ; Oil exports ; Developing countries
Title: Review of the Experience with Oil Stabilization and Savings Funds in Selected Countries
Author/Editor:Fasano-Filho, Ugo
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 00/112
Subject: Oil ; Oil exports ; Chile
Title: Yemen: Exchange Rate Policy in the Face of Dwindling Oil Exports
Author/Editor:Chami, Saade ; Ahmed, Faisal ; Ben Ltaifa, Nabil ; Schneider, Todd
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 07/5
Subject: Exchange rate policy ; Yemen, Republic of ; Oil exports

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