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Regression analysis
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Title: Fiscal Rules to Tame the Political Budget Cycle : Evidence from Italian Municipalities
Author/Editor:Lorenzo Forni,Andrea Bonfatti
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/6
Title: Risk Taking and Interest Rates : Evidence from Decades in the Global Syndicated Loan Market
Author/Editor:Seung Jung Lee,Lucy Qian Liu,Viktors Stebunovs
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/16
Title: Household Consumption in Japan – Role of Income and Asset Developments
Author/Editor:Erkki Vihriälä
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/23
Title: The Volatility of Capital Flows in Emerging Markets : Measures and Determinants
Author/Editor:Maria Sole Pagliari,Swarnali Ahmed Hannan
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/41
Title: Understanding Inflation in Malawi : A Quantitative Investigation
Author/Editor:Dong Frank Wu
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/48
Title: Indexing Structural Distortion: Sectoral Productivity, Structural Change and Growth
Author/Editor:Sakai Ando,Koffie Ben Nassar
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/205
Title: Settling the Inflation Targeting Debate: Lights from a Meta-Regression Analysis
Author/Editor:Hippolyte W. Balima,Eric G. Kilama,Rene Tapsoba
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/213
Title: Oil Prices and GCC Stock Markets: New Evidence from Smooth Transition Models
Author/Editor:Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh,Sami Ben Naceur,Oussama Kanaan,Christophe Rault
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 18/98
Title: Financial Crises and the Composition of Cross-Border Lending
Author/Editor:Eugenio Cerutti ; Galina Hale ; Camelia Minoiu
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/185
Subject: Financial crises ; Cross-border banking ; Loans ; Regression analysis
Title: Governments’ Payment Discipline: The Macroeconomic Impact of Public Payment Delays and Arrears
Author/Editor:Cristina Checherita-Westphal ; Alexander Klemm ; Paul Viefers
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 15/13
Subject: Payments arrears ; Government expenditures ; European Union ; Private sector ; Liquidity ; Regression analysis
Title: How do Experts Forecast Sovereign Spreads?
Author/Editor:Jacopo Cimadomo ; Peter Claeys ; Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/100
Subject: Bond markets ; France ; Italy ; United Kingdom ; Germany ; Bonds ; Bond yields ; Cross country analysis ; Econometric models ; Regression analysis ; Forecasting models ; Time series
Title: How to Capture Macro-Financial Spillover Effects in Stress Tests?
Author/Editor:Heiko Hesse ; Ferhan Salman ; Christian Schmieder
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/103
Subject: Spillovers ; Europe ; Financial contagion ; Financial systems ; Stress testing ; Regression analysis ; Econometric models
Title: Minimum Wage as a Wage Policy Tool in Japan
Author/Editor:Ms. Chie Aoyagi ; Mr. Giovanni Ganelli ; Nour Tawk
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/232
Subject: Minimum wages ; Japan ; Wage policy ; Income distribution ; Women ; Labor market characteristics ; Regression analysis
Title: Official Financial Flows, Capital Mobility, and Global Imbalances
Author/Editor:Tamim Bayoumi ; Joseph E. Gagnon ; Christian Saborowski
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/199
Subject: Capital flows ; Foreign exchange reserves ; Current account balances ; Foreign exchange intervention ; Cross country analysis ; Regression analysis
Title: South Africa : Labor Market Dynamics and Inequality
Author/Editor:Rahul Anand ; Siddharth Kothari ; Naresh Kumar
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/137
Subject: Unemployment ; South Africa ; Income inequality ; Labor markets ; Panel analysis ; Regression analysis
Title: Spillovers from United States Monetary Policy on Emerging Markets: Different This Time?
Author/Editor:Jiaqian Chen ; Tommaso Mancini Griffoli ; Ratna Sahay
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/240
Subject: Monetary policy ; Spillovers ; United States ; Emerging markets ; Capital flows ; Regression analysis
Title: Tax Buoyancy in OECD Countries
Author/Editor:Vincent Belinga ; Dora Benedek ; Ruud A. de Mooij ; John Norregaard
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/110
Subject: Tax revenue ; OECD ; Personal income taxes ; Corporate taxes ; Property taxes ; Tax systems ; Automatic stabilizers ; Economic growth ; Econometric models ; Regression analysis
Title: The Blind Side of Public Debt Spikes
Author/Editor:Laura Jaramillo ; Carlos Mulas-Granados ; Elijah Kimani
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/202
Subject: Public debt ; European Union ; Developed countries ; Developing countries ; Cross country analysis ; Regression analysis ; Econometric models ; Economic forecasting ; Time series
Title: What’s Different about Monetary Policy Transmission in Remittance-Dependent Countries?
Author/Editor:Adolfo Barajas ; Ralph Chami ; Christian Ebeke ; Anne Oeking
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/44
Subject: Monetary policy ; Monetary transmission mechanism ; Remittances ; Capital inflows ; Banking sector ; Loans ; Econometric models ; Regression analysis
Title: World Saving
Author/Editor:Francesco Grigoli ; Alexander Herman ; Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 14/204
Subject: Private savings ; Consumption ; Domestic savings ; Cross country analysis ; Econometric models ; Regression analysis

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