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Trade models
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Title: Did Export Diversification Soften the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis?
Author/Editor:Rafael Romeu ; Nelson Camanho da Costa Neto
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 11/99
Subject: Commodity prices ; Industrial production ; Latin America ; Manufacturing ; Trade ; Trade models
Title: Estimating Trade Equations from Aggregate Bilateral Data
Author/Editor:Bayoumi, Tamim A.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/74
Subject: Trade ; Trade models
Title: Financial Crises and Emerging Market Trade
Author/Editor:Alun H. Thomas
lblSeries:Staff Position Note No. 2009/4
Subject: Capital flows ; Economic models ; Emerging markets ; Export credits ; Trade models
Title: Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Trade Agreements: The Market Size Effect Revisited
Author/Editor:Jaumotte, Florence
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/206
Subject: Foreign direct investment ; Algeria ; Morocco ; Tunisia ; Trade models
Title: Institutional Quality and International Trade
Author/Editor:Levchenko, Andrei A.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/231
Subject: International trade ; Trade models
Title: New Keynesian Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Author/Editor:Choi, Woon Gyu ; Cook, David
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/213
Subject: Imports ; Producer prices ; Exchange rates ; Exports ; Trade models ; Economic models
Title: On the Distributive Effects of Terms of Trade Shocks: The Role of Non-tradable Goods
Author/Editor:Galiani, Sebastian ; Heymann, Daniel ; Magud, Nicolas E
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/241
Subject: Export taxes ; Exports ; External shocks ; Labor productivity ; Terms of trade ; Trade models
Title: Power Laws in Firm Size and Openness to Trade: Measurement and Implications
Author/Editor:di Giovanni, Julian ; Levchenko, Andrei A. ; Ranciere, Romain
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/109
Subject: Corporate sector ; Exports ; International trade ; Trade models
Title: Recent French Export Performance: Is There a Competitiveness Problem?
Author/Editor:Kabundi, Alain N. ; Nadal-De Simone, Francisco
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 09/2
Subject: Export competitiveness ; Performance indicators ; Terms of trade ; International trade ; Exports ; Trade models ; Productivity ; Euro Area ; France
Title: Remoteness and Real Exchange Rate Volatility
Author/Editor:Bravo-Ortega, Claudio ; di Giovanni, Julian
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 05/01
Subject: Real effective exchange rates ; Exchange rate variability ; Trade models
Title: Rising Income Inequality: Technology, or Trade and Financial Globalization?
Author/Editor:Jaumotte, Florence ; Lall, Subir ; Papageorgiou, Chris
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/185
Subject: Income distribution ; Globalization ; Foreign direct investment ; Human capital ; Education ; Economic models ; Trade models
Title: Trade Creation and Diversion Revisited: Accounting for Model Uncertainty and Natural Trading Partner Effects
Author/Editor:Eicher, Theo ; Henn, Christian ; Papageorgiou, Chris
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/66
Subject: Trade ; Trade liberalization ; Trade models
Title: Trade Effects of Currency Unions: Do Economic Dissimilarities Matter?
Author/Editor:Albertin, Giorgia
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/249
Subject: Monetary unions ; Trade integration ; International trade ; Trade models
Title: Trade Flows, Multilateral Resistance, and Firm Heterogeneity
Author/Editor:Alberto Behar ; Benjamin D. Nelson
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 12/297
Subject: Trade models ; International trade

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