Exchange Rate Analysis with a Case Study on Poland (CD-ROM)

Publication Date: March 17, 1998
Summary: The exchange rate is a highly visible indicator and a key policy variable -- one that can have considerable impact on a country's well-being. Because the exchange rate is so important, issues of exchange rate policy are often hotly debated -- and vital to understand. The IMF Institute and Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government have produced an interactive computer-based training program on CD that lets you explore exchange rate issues in different ways. First, there is a tutorial on exchange rate concepts complete with exercises and simulations. Second, there is a case study focusing on important exchange rate issues in Poland that are being debated by the President of the Central Bank of Poland, the Deputy Minister of Finance, and IMF officials. And third, there is a searchable database with an extensive collection of articles about these issues.
Subject(s): Exchange rates

Publication Date: March 17, 1998
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 1-55775-708-9 Format: ROM
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