Financial Fragilities in Latin America: The 1980s and 1990s

Author/Editor: Rojas-Suárez, Liliana ; Weisbrod, Steven Riess
Publication Date: October 06, 1995
Summary: By reviewing the experiences of Latin American countries with the restructuring of their financial sectors since 1982, this paper derives lessons regarding the most effective ways to deal with banking difficulties in developing countries. It then discusses whether these lessons have been put into practice during the latest crisis. A sample of five countries-Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru-is used for this purpose.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 132
Subject(s): Banks | Banking | Banking systems | Financial systems | Argentina | Chile | Colombia | Mexico | Peru

Publication Date: October 06, 1995
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 0251-6365 ; ISBN 1-55775-502-7 Format: Paper
Stock No: S132EA0000000 Pages: vii+69
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