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Fiscal Dimensions of Sustainable Development

Author/Editor: Gupta, Sanjeev | Keen, Michael | Clements, Benedict J. | Fletcher, Kevin | de Mello, Luiz | Mani, Muthukumara
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Summary: Fiscal policy affects sustainable development through its effects on growth, the environment, and resource development. What are the relationships between fiscal policy and sustainable development, and how does the IMF seek to promote sustainable development in its policy advice? What lessons have been learned so far, and how can governments, the international community, and international financial institutions more fully support sustainable development?
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Series: Pamphlet Series, No. 54
Subject(s): Development | Fiscal policy
    Published:   August 12, 2002        
    ISBN/ISSN:   978-1-58906-159-0 / 0538-8759   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P054EA   Pages:   39
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   October 31, 2002        
    ISBN/ISSN:   978-1-58906-160-6 / 0252-2985   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P054FA   Pages:   43
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   December 3, 2002        
    ISBN/ISSN:   978-1-58906-161-3 / 0252-2993   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P054SA   Pages:   38
    Price:   Free        
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