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Moving to a Flexible Exchange Rate: How, When, and How Fast?

Author/Editor: Duttagupta, Rupa | Fernandez, Gilda | Karacadag, Cem
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Summary: A growing number of countries are adopting flexible exchange rate regimes because flexibility offers more protection against external shocks and greater monetary independence. Other countries have made the transition under disorderly conditions, with the sharp depreciation of their currency during a crisis. Regardless of the reason for adopting a flexible exchange rate, a successful transition depends on the effective management of a number of institutional and operational issues. The authors of this Economic Issue describe the necessary ingredients for moving to a flexible regime, as well as the optimal pace and sequencing under different conditions.
Series: Economic Issues No. 38
Subject(s): Flexible exchange rates
Notes: Also available online in Arabic; Chinese; Russian; Spanish
    Published:   July 16, 2007        
    ISBN/ISSN:   978-1-58906-541-3 / 1020-8380   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIIAA038   Pages:   24
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    Published:   September 14, 2006        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-58906-542-5 ; ISSN 1020-8399   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIICA038   Pages:   21
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   January 9, 2006        
    ISBN/ISSN:   978-1-58906-476-8 / 1020-5098   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIIEA038   Pages:   25
    Published:   September 14, 2006        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-58906-539-5 ; ISSN 1020-7724   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIIFA038   Pages:   26
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   August 6, 2006        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-58906-543-3 ; ISSN 1020-8402   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIIRA038   Pages:   30
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   October 11, 2006        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-58906-540-9 ; ISSN 1020-8372   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   EIISA038   Pages:   27
    Price:   Free        
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