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Unproductive Public Expenditures: A Pragmatic Approach to Policy Analysis

Author/Editor: Gupta, Sanjeev | Schiff, Jerald Alan | Chu, Ke-young | Clements, Benedict J. | Schuknecht, Ludger | Schwartz, Gerd | Lugaresi, Sergio | Hewitt, Daniel P.
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Summary: Public expenditures policy, together with efforts to raise revenue, is at the core of efficient and equitable adjustment. Public expenditure productivity has critical implications for fiscal adjustment, particularly as the competition for limited public resources intensifies. By providing a framework for defining and analyzing public expenditure productivity and unproductive expenditures, this pamphlet discusses how economic policymakers may approach these issues.
Series: Pamphlet Series, No. 48
Subject(s): Government expenditures
Notes: Prepared by Ke-young Chu, Sanjeev Gupta, Benedict Clements, Daniel Hewitt, Sergio Lugaresi, Jerald Schiff, Ludger Schuknecht, Gerd Schwartz.
    Published:   August 10, 1995        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISBN 1-55775-541-8 ; ISSN 0538-8759   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P048EA0011999   Pages:   49
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    Published:   March 26, 1996        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISSN 0252-2985 ; ISBN 1-55775-549-3   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P048FA0000000   Pages:   48
    Price:   Free        
    Published:   March 26, 1996        
    ISBN/ISSN:   ISSN 0252-2993 ; ISBN 1-55775-550-7   Format:   Paper
    Stock No:   P048SA0000000   Pages:   48
    Price:   Free        
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