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February 25, 2018

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1. Title: The Puzzle of Persistently Negative Interest Rate-Growth Differentials : Financial Repression or Income Catch-Up?
  Author/Editor: Anna Shabunina ; Julio Escolano ; Jaejoon Woo
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: November 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Developed countries | Developing countries | Economic growth | Economic models | Interest rate differential | Public debt | Real interest rates
  Author's Keyword(s): Interest rate-growth differential | real interest rates | debt dynamics | dynamic efficiency | income catch-up | financial repression | financial integration.
2. Title: In Which Exchange Rate Models Do Forecasters Trust?
  Author/Editor: Jaewoo Lee ; H. Takizawa ; David Hauner
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: May 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Economic forecasting | Exchange rates | Forecasting models | Interest rate differential | Purchasing power parity
  Author's Keyword(s): Exchange rate models | forecasting.
3. Title: Financing of Global Imbalances
  Author/Editor: Walker, W. Christopher ; Punzi, Maria Teresa
  Published: July 01, 2007
  Subject(s): United States | Bond issues | Capital flows | Interest rate differential
  Author's Keyword(s): Home bias | panel VAR | US bond inflows
4. Title: Financial Globalization and Fiscal Perfomance in Emerging Markets
  Author/Editor: Hauner, David ; Kumar, Manmohan S.
  Published: November 01, 2005
  Subject(s): Emerging markets | Fiscal reforms | Fiscal management | Globalization | Interest rate differential | Financial stability
  Author's Keyword(s): Emerging markets | fiscal performance | global imbalances | interest rate spreads
5. Title: Nominal Exchange Rates and Nominal Interest Rate Differentials
  Author/Editor: Nadal-De Simone, Francisco ; Razzak, Weshah
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: October 01, 1999
  Subject(s): Exchange rates | Interest rate differential | Bond markets | Economic models
6. Title: Correlations Between Real Interest Rates and Output in a Dynamic International Model-Evidence from G-7 Countries
  Author/Editor: Begum, Jahanara
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: December 01, 1998
  Subject(s): Interest rates | Group of Seven | Interest rate differential | Economic models
7. Title: Mexico's Currency Risk Premia in 1992-94 - A Closer Look at the Interest Rate Differentials
  Author/Editor: Werner, Alejandro M.
  Published: April 01, 1996
  Subject(s): Currencies | Mexico | Interest rate differential | Economic models
8. Title: Spain - Unemployment, Debt Management, and Interest Rate Differentials
  Author/Editor: CaƱonero, Gustavo Enrique
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: November 01, 1995
  Subject(s): Economic policy | Spain | Unemployment | Debt management | Interest rate differential | Economic models
9. Title: French-German Interest Rate Differentials and Time-Varying Realignment Risk
  Author/Editor: Caramazza, Francesco
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: January 01, 1993
  Subject(s): Interest rate differential | French franc | Deutsche mark | Exchange rate realignments | European Monetary System
10. Title: Dynamic Capital Mobility in Pacific Basin Developing Countries - Estimation and Policy Implications
  Author/Editor: Faruqee, Hamid
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: November 01, 1991
  Subject(s): Capital flows | Korea, Republic of | Malaysia | Singapore | Thailand | Interest rates | Interest rate differential
11. Title: Testing the Credibility of the Belgian Hard Currency Policy
  Author/Editor: Koen, Vincent
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: August 01, 1991
  Subject(s): Exchange rate policy | Belgium | Interest rate differential
12. Title: The Italian Lira in the Narrow ERM Band - The Challenge of Credibility
  Author/Editor: Molho, Lazaros E.
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: February 01, 1991
  Subject(s): Exchange rate policy | Italy | Interest rates | Interest rate differential | Inflation | Italian lira | European Monetary System

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