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February 20, 2018

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1. Title: Central Bank Governance and the Role of Nonfinancial Risk Management
  Author/Editor: Ashraf Khan
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: February 23, 2016
  Subject(s): Central banks | Risk management | Central bank governance | Central bank operations | Operational risk | Internal audit
2. Title: The Lender of Last Resort Function after the Global Financial Crisis
  Author/Editor: Marc Dobler ; Simon Gray ; Diarmuid Murphy ; Bozena Radzewicz-Bak
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: January 22, 2016
  Subject(s): Lender of last resort | Central banks | Liquidity management | Banks | Bank supervision | Central bank operations | Financial intermediaries | Risk management
3. Title: A Stochastic Framework for Public Debt Sustainability Analysis
  Author/Editor: Di Bella, Gabriel
  Published: March 01, 2008
  Subject(s): Debt sustainability | Dominican Republic | Public debt
  Author's Keyword(s): Public debt sustainability | central bank operations | risk analysis | debt thresholds.

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