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March 18, 2018

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1. Title: Unification of Discount Rates Used in External Debt Analysis for Low-Income Countries
  Series: Policy Papers
  Published: October 04, 2013
  Subject(s): Discount rates | External debt | Low income countries | Debt sustainability analysis | Executive Board decisions | Lapse of time approval
2. Title: Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the East African Community : An Empirical Investigation
  Author/Editor: Hamid Reza Davoodi ; S. V. S. Dixit ; Gabor Pinter
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: February 06, 2013
  Subject(s): Monetary transmission mechanism | East Africa | Monetary policy | Interest rate policy | Discount rates | Reserves | Economic models
3. Title: An Analysis of U.S. Fiscal and Generational Imbalances : Who Will Pay and How?
  Author/Editor: Nicoletta Batini ; Julia Guerreiro ; Giovanni Callegari
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: April 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Economic models | Fiscal analysis | Fiscal sustainability | Public debt | Tax burdens | Tax reductions | Taxes
  Author's Keyword(s): fiscal gap | generational accounting | fiscal policy | Final Healthcare Legislation | financial crisis | discount rate
4. Title: On Impatience and Policy Effectiveness
  Author/Editor: Bayoumi, Tamim ; Sgherri, Silvia
  Published: January 01, 2009
  Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Income distribution | Private sector | Interest rates | Monetary policy | Consumption | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Fiscal Policy | Discount Rate | Overlapping Generations Model
5. Title: Mr. Ricardo's Great Adventure: Estimating Fiscal Multipliers in a Truly Intertemporal Model
  Author/Editor: Bayoumi, Tamim ; Sgherri, Silvia
  Published: July 01, 2006
  Subject(s): Consumption | Discount rates | Fiscal policy | Income | Interest rates | Taxes
  Author's Keyword(s): Fiscal policy | fiscal multipliers | Ricardian equivalence | discount rates
6. Title: Considerations in the Choice of the Appropriate Discount Rate for Evaluating Sovereign Debt Restructurings
  Author/Editor: Kozack, Julie
  Published: December 01, 2005
  Subject(s): Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism | Discount rates
7. Title: Bank Lending Rates and Financial Structure in Italy: A Case Study
  Author/Editor: Cottarelli, Carlo ; Ferri, Giovanni ; Generale, Andrea
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: April 01, 1995
  Subject(s): Interest rates on loans | Italy | Discount rates | Bank reforms
8. Title: Financial Structure, Bank Lending Rates, and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy
  Author/Editor: Cottarelli, Carlo ; Kourelis, Angeliki
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: March 01, 1994
  Subject(s): Monetary policy | Interest rates on loans | Capital markets | Discount rates | Financial systems | Economic models

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