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March 22, 2018

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1. Title: Estimating Equilibrium Exchange Rates for Armenia and Georgia
  Author/Editor: Al Shehabi, Omar ; Ding, Shuang
  Published: April 01, 2008
  Subject(s): Armenia | Georgia | Exchange rate appreciation | Current account deficits
  Author's Keyword(s): equilibrium exchange rates
2. Title: Equilibrium Exchange Rates: Assessment Methodologies
  Author/Editor: Isard, Peter
  Published: December 01, 2007
  Author's Keyword(s): Equilibrium exchange rates
3. Title: Assessing Competitiveness and Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Low-Income Countries
  Author/Editor: Di Bella, Gabriel ; Lewis, Mark ; Martin, AurĂ©lie
  Published: August 01, 2007
  Subject(s): Export competitiveness | Real effective exchange rates | Low-income developing countries
  Author's Keyword(s): Competitiveness | equilibrium exchange rates | low-income countries
4. Title: In Search of Equilibrium: Estimating Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates in Sub-Saharan African Countries
  Author/Editor: Chudik, Alexander ; Mongardini, Joannes
  Published: April 01, 2007
  Subject(s): Exchange rates | Sub-Saharan Africa | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Equilibrium exchange rates | Africa | panel estimations

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