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February 23, 2018

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1. Title: Government Debt in Emerging Market Countries: A New Data Set
  Author/Editor: Jeanne, Olivier ; Guscina, Anastasia
  Published: April 01, 2006
  Subject(s): Debt management | Public debt | Domestic debt | External debt | Emerging markets | Databases
  Author's Keyword(s): Debt Management | Sovereign Debt | Debt Maturity | Foreign Currency Debt
2. Title: Why do Emerging Economies Borrow in Foreign Currency?
  Author/Editor: Jeanne, Olivier
  Published: September 01, 2003
  Subject(s): Emerging markets | Borrowing | Dollarization
  Author's Keyword(s): Foreign currency debt | Liability Dollarization | Monetary Credibility
3. Title: Liability Dollarization and the Bank Balance Sheet Channel
  Author/Editor: Choi, Woon Gyu ; Cook, David
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: August 01, 2002
  Subject(s): Dollarization | External debt | Exchange rate depreciation | Flexible exchange rates | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Bank balance sheet channel | foreign currency debt | sticky prices | depreciation

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