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February 22, 2018

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1. Title: Current Account Rebalancing and Real Exchange Rate Adjustment Between the U.S. and Emerging Asia
  Author/Editor: Damiano Sandri ; Pau Rabanal ; Isabelle Méjean
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: March 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Asia | Bilateral trade | Economic models | Emerging markets | Export prices | Price elasticity | Real effective exchange rates | Terms of trade
  Author's Keyword(s): Rebalancing | Real Exchange Rates | Intermediate Inputs
2. Title: Price Setting in a Model with Production Chains: Evidence from Sectoral Data
  Author/Editor: Shamloo, Maral
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: March 01, 2010
  Subject(s): Economic models | External shocks | Monetary policy | Price adjustments | Price structures | Production
  Author's Keyword(s): Multi-sector medal | intermediate inputs | heterogeneity | New-Keynesian Phillips curve | production chain
3. Title: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Output in Oil-Producing Countries: The Case of Iran
  Author/Editor: Bahmani-Oskooee, Mohsen ; Kandil, Magda E.
  Published: May 01, 2007
  Subject(s): Exchange rate instability | Iran, Islamic Republic of | Oil exporting countries | Exports | Imports | Exchange rate policy
  Author's Keyword(s): Currency depreciation | non-oil exports | imported inputs
4. Title: Trade Liberalization, Intermediate Inputs, and Productivity: Evidence from Indonesia
  Author/Editor: Amiti, Mary ; Konings, Jozef
  Published: July 01, 2005
  Subject(s): Tariffs | Indonesia | Trade liberalization | Productivity | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Tariffs | inputs | productivity
5. Title: Armington Elasticities in Intermediate Inputs Trade : A Problem in Using Multilateral Trade Data
  Author/Editor: Mika Saito
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: February 01, 2004
  Author's Keyword(s): The Armington Model | Intermediate Inputs Trade | Panel Data

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