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March 23, 2018

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1. Title: Monetary Policy Transmission in the GCC Countries
  Author/Editor: Ananthakrishnan Prasad ; Raphael A. Espinoza
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: May 01, 2012
  Subject(s): Economic models | Interest rates | Monetary transmission mechanism
  Author's Keyword(s): Transmission mechanism | Fixed exchange rate regime | interest rate pass-through | panel VAR
2. Title: Determinants of Interest Rate Pass-Through : Do Macroeconomic Conditions and Financial Market Structure Matter?
  Author/Editor: Nikoloz Gigineishvili
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: July 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Economic models | Gross domestic product | Interest rates
  Author's Keyword(s): Interest rate pass-through | transmission mechanism | monetary policy
3. Title: Official Dollarization As a Monetary Regime : Its Effectson El Salvador
  Author/Editor: Andrew Swiston
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: June 01, 2011
  Subject(s): Commercial banks | Currency pegs | Dollarization | Economic models | Interest rates
  Author's Keyword(s): dollarization | Taylor rule | monetary policy transmission | interest rate pass-through | currency risk | uncovered interest parity | exchange rate regime

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