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February 22, 2018

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1. Title: Countering the Cycle - The Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in Korea
  Author/Editor: Eskesen, Leif Lybecker
  Published: November 01, 2009
  Subject(s): Business cycles | Consumption | Cross country analysis | Economic models | Financial crisis | Fiscal policy | Global Financial Crisis 2008-2009 | Government expenditures | Korea, Republic of | Monetary policy | National income | Public investment
  Author's Keyword(s): Fiscal policy | macroeconomic models
2. Title: Developing a Structured Forecasting and Policy Analysis System to Support Inflation-Forecast Targeting (IFT)
  Author/Editor: Laxton, Douglas ; Rose, David ; Scott, Alasdair
  Published: March 01, 2009
  Subject(s): Inflation | Forecasting models | Data analysis | Databases | Monetary policy | Central banks | Human capital
  Author's Keyword(s): Forecasting | economic projections | macroeconomic models
3. Title: A New Keynesian Model of the Armenian Economy
  Author/Editor: Mkrtchyan, Ashot Anatolii ; Dabla-Norris, Era ; Stepanyan, Ara
  Published: March 01, 2009
  Subject(s): Monetary policy | Armenia | Inflation targeting | Business cycles | Inward remittances | Transfers of foreigners income | Exchange rate appreciation | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Inflation targeting | monetary transmission mechanism | macroeconomic models | Armenia
4. Title: A Simple DGE Model for Inflation Targeting
  Author/Editor: Benes, Jaromir ; de Castello Branco, Marta ; V├ívra, David
  Published: August 01, 2007
  Subject(s): Inflation targeting | Economic models | Monetary transmission mechanism
  Author's Keyword(s): Inflation Targeting | Monetary Policy | Transmission Mechanism | Macroeconomic Models
5. Title: The Domestic and Global Impact of Japan's Policies for Growth
  Author/Editor: Batini, Nicoletta ; Rebucci, Alessandro ; N'Diaye, Papa M'B. P.
  Published: November 01, 2005
  Subject(s): Economic Growth | Japan | Economic policy | External debt | Fiscal management | Productivity | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Japan | gloabl External Imbalance | Fiscal Consolidation | Productivity Growth | Macroeconomic Models
6. Title: Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area : The Role of Asymmetric Pricing Behavior
  Author/Editor: Hamid Faruqee
  Series: IMF Working Papers
  Published: January 01, 2004
  Subject(s): Exchange rate pass-through | Foreign exchange
  Author's Keyword(s): Exchange Rate Pass-Through | New Open Economy Macroeconomic Models
7. Title: Some Simulation Properties of the Major Euro Area Economies in MULTIMOD
  Author/Editor: Hunt, Ben ; Laxton, Douglas
  Published: February 01, 2003
  Subject(s): Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Macroeconomic models | simulation properties
8. Title: Explaining the Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Different Prices
  Author/Editor: Choudhri, Ehsan U. ; Faruqee, Hamid ; Hakura, Dalia
  Published: December 01, 2002
  Subject(s): Exchange rates | Prices | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Exchange rate pass-through | prices | New open economy macroeconomic models
9. Title: On the Origins of the Fleming-Mundell Model
  Author/Editor: Boughton, James M.
  Published: June 01, 2002
  Subject(s): Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Fleming | Mundell | open-economy macroeconomic models
10. Title: Different Strokes? Common and Uncommon Responses to Financial Crises
  Author/Editor: Boughton, James M.
  Series: Working Paper
  Published: January 01, 2001
  Subject(s): Financial crisis | Economic models
  Author's Keyword(s): Financial crises | macroeconomic models

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