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February 22, 2018

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1. Title: The Determinants of Corporate Risk in Emerging Markets: An Option-Adjusted Spread Analysis
  Author/Editor: Cavallo, Eduardo A. ; Valenzuela, Patricio
  Published: September 01, 2007
  Subject(s): Credit risk | Corporate sector | Bonds | Emerging markets | Interest
  Author's Keyword(s): Corporate bond spreads | sovereign ceiling | default risk | emerging market
2. Title: How Important Is Sovereign Risk in Determining Corporate Default Premia? The Case of South Africa
  Author/Editor: Peter, Marcel ; Grandes, Martín
  Published: November 01, 2005
  Subject(s): Economic models | Risk premium | South Africa
  Author's Keyword(s): sovereign risk | corporate risk | sovereign ceiling | default premium | South Africa

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