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July 30, 2015

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Title: Does Import Protection Discourage Exports?
Author/Editor: Tokarick, Stephen
Series: Working Paper No. 06/20
Published: January 1, 2006
Subject(s): Developing countries | Export earnings | Export taxes | Import restrictions | Import tariffs | Protectionism
Author's keyword(s): Tariffs | export tax | welfare | restrictiveness



Title: Import-Reducing Effect of Trade Barriers: A Cross-Country Investigation
Author/Editor: Wang, Qing
Series: Working Paper No. 01/216
Published: December 1, 2001
Subject(s): Trade restrictions | Tariffs | Nontariff barriers | Import restrictions | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Trade-Barriers | Tariff | non-tariff trade barriers



Title: Auction Quotas with a Foreign Duopoly
Author/Editor: Tan, Ling Hui
Series: Working Paper No. 00/65
Published: March 1, 2000
Subject(s): Import restrictions | Trade | Economic models


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