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December 18, 2014

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Title: FDI to Africa: The Role of Price Stability and Currency Instability
Author/Editor: Rogoff, Kenneth ; Reinhart, Carmen
Series: Working Paper No. 03/10
Published: January 1, 2003
Subject(s): Foreign investment | Africa | Price stabilization | Parallel exchange markets | Inflation | Capital controls | Currencies
Author's keyword(s): Parallel markets | inflation | capital controls | and conflict



Title: Macroeconomic Management with Informal Financial Markets
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard ; Ul Haque, Nadeem
Series: Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 94/12
Published: July 1, 1994
Subject(s): Capital markets | Developing countries | Monetary policy | Parallel exchange markets | Interest rates | Stabilization programs



Title: Anticipated Exchange Rate Reforms
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard ; Flood, Robert P.
Series: Working Paper No. 92/32
Published: May 1, 1992
Subject(s): Exchange rate policy | Developing countries | Exchange rate unification | Parallel exchange markets | Economic models



Title: Real Exchange Rate Targeting Under Capital Controls: Can Money Provide a Nominal Anchor?
Author/Editor: Montiel, Peter ; Ostry, Jonathan David
Series: Working Paper No. 91/68
Published: July 1, 1991
Subject(s): Real effective exchange rates | Capital controls | Money supply | Parallel exchange markets | Economic models



Title: Protection and the Own-Funds Window in Tanzania: An Analytical Framework and Estimates of the Effects of Trade Liberalization
Author/Editor: DeRosa, Dean A.
Series: Working Paper No. 91/52
Published: May 1, 1991
Subject(s): Trade liberalization | Tanzania | Import licensing | Protectionism | Parallel exchange markets



Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard
Series: Working Paper No. 90/84
Published: September 1, 1990
Subject(s): Exchange restrictions | Devaluation | Parallel exchange markets | Economic models



Title: Stabilization Policies in Developing Countries with a Parallel Market for Foreign Exchange: A Formal Framework
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard
Series: Working Paper No.90/16
Published: March 1, 1990
Subject(s): Stabilization measures | Developing countries | Parallel exchange markets | Economic models


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