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July 03, 2015

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Title: Market Discipline and Conflicts of Interest Between Banks and Pension Funds
Author/Editor: Adolfo Barajas ; Mario Catalán
Series: Working Paper No. 11/282
Published: December 1, 2011
Subject(s): Asset management | Banking crisis | Banks | Economic models | Pension funds
Author's keyword(s): conflicts of interest | institutional investors | pension funds | banks | market discipline



Title: Oil and Growth in the Republic of Congo
Author/Editor: Bhattacharya, Rina ; Ghura, Dhaneshwar
Series: Working Paper No. 06/185
Published: August 1, 2006
Subject(s): Oil | Congo, Republic of | Economic growth | Real effective exchange rates
Author's keyword(s): oil | conflicts | economic growth



Title: Political Instability and Growth: The Central African Republic
Author/Editor: Ghura, Dhaneshwar ; Mercereau, Benoît
Series: Working Paper No. 04/80
Published: May 1, 2004
Subject(s): Economic conditions | Central African Republic | Economic growth
Author's keyword(s): Political instability | Economic Growth | Conflicts; External Shocks



Title: Growth in the Middle East and North Africa
Author/Editor: Hakura, Dalia
Series: Working Paper No. 04/56
Published: April 1, 2004
Subject(s): Economic growth | Middle East | North Africa | Oil revenues
Author's keyword(s): Economic growth | Middle East and North Africa | oil | institutions | conflicts


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