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July 04, 2015

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Title: International Capital Flows and Development: Financial Openness Matters
Author/Editor: Reinhardt, Dennis B. S. ; Ricci, Luca Antonio ; Tressel, Thierry
Series: Working Paper No. 10/235
Published: October 1, 2010
Subject(s): Capital account | Capital flows | Cross country analysis | Current account | Developed countries | Developing countries | Development | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Lucas paradox | capital flows | financial openness | economic development



Title: Does Openness to International Financial Flows Raise Productivity Growth?
Author/Editor: Kose, M. Ayhan ; Prasad, Eswar ; Terrones, Marco
Series: Working Paper No. 08/242
Published: October 1, 2008
Subject(s): Capital flows | Productivity | Production growth | Capital account | Foreign direct investment | Development | Debt | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Financial openness; capital account liberalization; capital flows; external assets and liabilities; foreign direct investment; portfolio equity; debt; total factor productivity



Title: Financial Reforms, Financial Openness, and Corporate Borrowing: International Evidence
Author/Editor: Agca, Senay ; Detragiache, Enrica ; De Nicoló, Gianni
Series: Working Paper No. 07/186
Published: July 1, 2007
Subject(s): Debt | International capital markets | Credit
Author's keyword(s): Corporate leverage | debt maturity | financial reforms | financial openness | international financial markets



Title: Trade, Finance, Specialization, and Synchronization
Author/Editor: Imbs, Jean
Series: Working Paper No. 03/81
Published: April 1, 2003
Subject(s): International trade | Business cycles | Financial sector | Currency boards
Author's keyword(s): Trade | specialization | financial openness | international business cycle | optimal currency area


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