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July 28, 2015

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Title: Communication of Central Bank Thinking and Inflation Dynamics
Author/Editor: Man-Keung Tang ; Xiangrong Yu
Series: Working Paper No. 11/209
Published: August 1, 2011
Subject(s): Central bank role | Economic models | Inflation targeting | Monetary policy
Author's keyword(s): Information asymmetry; expectations; inflation dynamics; monetary policy



Title: Balance of Payments Anti-Crises
Author/Editor: Kumhof, Michael ; Yan, Isabel K.
Series: Working Paper No. 09/134
Published: June 1, 2009
Subject(s): Balance of payments | Current account surpluses | Data analysis | Economic models | Emerging markets | Exchange rate appreciation | Fiscal policy | Foreign exchange reserves | Inflation | Monetary policy | Reserves accumulation
Author's keyword(s): Balance of payments anti-crises | foreign exchange reserves | inflation dynamics



Title: Obstacles to Disinflation: What is the Role of Fiscal Expectations?
Author/Editor: Celasun, Oya ; Gelos, Gaston ; Prati, Alessandro
Series: Working Paper No. 04/111
Published: June 1, 2004
Subject(s): Disinflation | Economic stabilization | Inflation targeting | Emerging markets | Fiscal management | Public finance | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Disinflation | stabilization | inflation Dynamics | emerging markets | expectation formation



Title: Monetary Magic? How the Fed Improved the Flexibility of the U.S. Economy
Author/Editor: Bayoumi, Tamim ; Sgherri, Silvia
Series: Working Paper No. 04/24
Published: February 1, 2004
Subject(s): Monetary policy | United States | Inflation | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Inflation dynamics; Monetary policy; Kalman filter


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