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July 30, 2015

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Title: Predicting Recessions : A New Approach for Identifying Leading Indicators and Forecast Combinations
Author/Editor: Turgut Kisinbay ; Chikako Baba
Series: Working Paper No. 11/235
Published: October 1, 2011
Subject(s): Economic forecasting | Economic indicators | Economic recession | Forecasting models
Author's keyword(s): business cycles | leading indicators | forecast encompassing | forecast combination



Title: Three Attempts at Inflation Forecasting in Pakistan
Author/Editor: Bokil, Madhavi ; Schimmelpfennig, Axel
Series: Working Paper No. 05/105
Published: May 1, 2005
Subject(s): Forecasting models | Pakistan | Inflation
Author's keyword(s): Pakistan | inflation | forecasting | ARIMA | VAR | leading indicators



Title: Estimating Indexes of Coincident and Leading Indicators: An Application to Jordan
Author/Editor: Mongardini, Joannes ; Saadi-Sedik, Tahsin
Series: Working Paper No. 03/170
Published: August 1, 2003
Subject(s): Economic indicators | Jordan
Author's keyword(s): Jordan | coincident indicators | leading indicators | economy activity



Title: Leading Indicators of Growth and Inflation in Turkey
Author/Editor: Leigh, Daniel ; Rossi, Marco
Series: Working Paper No. 02/231
Published: December 1, 2002
Subject(s): Economic growth | Turkey | Inflation targeting | Economic indicators
Author's keyword(s): Growth inflation | combination forecasts | leading indicators | inflation targeting | Turkey



Title: Short-Term Forecasting: Projecting Italian GDP, One Quarter to Two Years Ahead
Author/Editor: Iacoviello, Matteo
Series: Working Paper No. 01/109
Published: August 1, 2001
Subject(s): Gross domestic product | Italy | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Forecasting | Bayesian Vector Autoregressions | Leading Indicators



Title: In Search of Coincident and Leading Indicators of Economic Activity in Argentina
Author/Editor: Simone, Alejandro
Series: Working Paper No. 01/30
Published: March 1, 2001
Subject(s): Economic indicators | Argentina | Economic models
Author's keyword(s): Argentina | Leading Indicators


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