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Title: Resolving China's Zombies: Tackling Debt and Raising Productivity
Author/Editor: W. Raphael Lam,Alfred Schipke,Yuyan Tan,Zhibo Tan
Series: Working Paper No. 17/266
Date: November 27, 2017
Title: Central Banking in Transition Countries
Author/Editor: Wagner, Helmut
Series: Working Paper No. 98/126
Date: August 01, 1998
Subject(s): Central bank policy | Transition economies | Economic models
Title: A Review of PPP-Adjusted GDP Estimation and its Potential Use for the Fund's Operational Purposes
Author/Editor: Wagner, Nancy L.
Series: Working Paper No. 95/18
Date: February 01, 1995
Subject(s): Purchasing power parity | Exchange rates | Gross domestic product
Title: Inflation, Financial Developments, and Wealth Distribution
Author/Editor: Wai-Yip Alex Ho ; Chun-Yu Ho
Series: Working Paper No. 16/132
Date: July 06, 2016
Subject(s): Inflation | China | Financial markets | Income distribution | Transition economies | Econometric models
Title: Regulation of Withdrawals in Individual Account Systems
Author/Editor: Walliser, Jan
Series: Working Paper No. 99/153
Date: November 01, 1999
Subject(s): Pensions | Savings | Economic models
Title: Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: A Sectoral and Institutional Approach
Author/Editor: Walsh, James P ; Yu, Jiangyan
Series: Working Paper No. 10/187
Date: August 01, 2010
Subject(s): Foreign direct investment | Developing countries | Economic models | Emerging markets | Gross domestic product
Author's Keyword(s): Foreign direct investment | determinants | institutional development | international finance.
Title: Macroeconomic Policies and Smuggling: An Analysis of Illegal Oil Trade in Nigeria
Author/Editor: Wang, Jian-Ye
Series: Working Paper No. 94/115
Date: September 01, 1994
Subject(s): Oil pricing policy | Nigeria | Oil | Smuggling | Economic models
Title: The Georgian Hyperinflation and Stabilization
Author/Editor: Wang, Jian-Ye
Series: Working Paper No. 99/65
Date: May 01, 1999
Subject(s): Inflation | Exchange rates | Economic growth
Title: Measuring Financial Barriers Among East African Community Countries
Author/Editor: Wang, Yi David
Series: Working Paper No. 10/194
Date: August 01, 2010
Subject(s): Bank rates | Cross country analysis | East Asia | Economic integration | Exchange markets | Foreign exchange | Forward exchange rates | Kenya | Monetary unions | Tanzania | Uganda
Author's Keyword(s): Forward rates | foreign exchange | financial barrier | financial integration
Title: European Financial Linkages: A New Look at Imbalances
Author/Editor: Waysand, Claire ; Ross, Kevin ; De Guzman, John C
Series: Working Paper No. 10/295
Date: December 01, 2010
Subject(s): Balance of payments | Cross country analysis | Current account balances | Data collection | Databases | Economic integration | Euro Area | Europe
Author's Keyword(s): Net foreign assets | current account imbalances | financial integration | Euro area
Title: Monetary Policy Committees, Learning, and Communication
Author/Editor: Weber, Anke
Series: Working Paper No. 10/85
Date: April 01, 2010
Subject(s): Announcements | Central banks | Economic models | Monetary policy | Private sector | Public information
Author's Keyword(s): Central bank communication | monetary policy committees | adaptive learning
Title: On the Fast Track to EU Accession - Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Challenges for Estonia
Author/Editor: Weber, René ; Taube, Günther
Series: Working Paper No. 99/156
Date: November 01, 1999
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Estonia | European Economic and Monetary Union | Euro | Markets
Title: China’s Monetary Policy and Interest Rate Liberalization: Lessons from International Experiences
Author/Editor: Wei Liao ; Sampawende J.-A. Tapsoba
Series: Working Paper No. 14/75
Date: May 01, 2014
Subject(s): Monetary policy | China | Interest rates | Demand for money | Financial sector | Banks | Cross country analysis
Title: Bank Risk and the Declining Franchise Value of the Banking Systems in the United States and Japan
Author/Editor: Weisbrod, Steven Riess ; Lee, Howard ; Rojas-Suárez, Liliana
Series: Working Paper No. 92/45
Date: June 01, 1992
Subject(s): Banking systems | United States | Japan | Bank reforms | Commercial banks
Title: The Effects of Government Spending Under Limited Capital Mobility
Author/Editor: Wenyi Shen ; Shu-Chun S. Yang
Series: Working Paper No. 12/129
Date: May 01, 2012
Subject(s): Budget deficits | Developing countries | Economic models | External borrowing | Fiscal policy | Government expenditures | Reserve management policy
Author's Keyword(s): Fiscal policy | fiscal multipliers | small-open DSGE models | developing countries | imperfect capital mobility
Title: Government Spending Effects in Low-income Countries
Author/Editor: Wenyi Shen ; Shu-Chun S. Yang ; Luis-Felipe Zanna
Series: Working Paper No. 15/286
Date: December 30, 2015
Subject(s): Government expenditures | Low-income developing countries | Public investment | Fiscal policy | Econometric models
Title: Target Zones and Realignment Expectations: The Israeli and Mexican Experience
Author/Editor: Werner, Alejandro M.
Series: Working Paper No. 95/114
Date: November 09, 1995
Subject(s): Target zones | Israel | Mexico | Exchange rates | Economic models
Title: Bank Efficiency Amid Foreign Entry: Evidence from the Central American Region
Author/Editor: Wezel, Torsten
Series: Working Paper No. 10/95
Date: April 01, 2010
Subject(s): Banks | Central America | Cross country analysis | Foreign direct investment | International banking | Productivity
Author's Keyword(s): Bank efficiency | total factor productivity | data envelopment analysis | stochastic frontier analysis | Central America
Title: Dynamic Loan Loss Provisions in Uruguay: Properties, Shock Absorption Capacity and Simulations Using Alternative Formulas
Author/Editor: Wezel, Torsten
Series: Working Paper No. 10/125
Date: May 01, 2010
Subject(s): Banks | Business cycles | Credit risk | Economic models | Latin America | Loans | Uruguay
Author's Keyword(s): Dynamic Provisioning | Procyclicality | Latin America
Title: Volatility of Oil Prices
Author/Editor: Wickham, Peter
Series: Working Paper No. 96/82
Date: August 01, 1996
Subject(s): Oil prices