IMF Depository Library Program

List of IMF Depository Libraries

IMF Depository Library Program: Qualifications

Application for Designation as a Depository Library of the IMF

Last Updated: March 16, 2004

Please complete this form online, or using the form below, fax or mail it to:
  International Monetary Fund
Publication Services
  700 19th Street, NW, 12-1607
  Washington, DC 20431
  FAX: (202) 623-7201

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Questions about this application may be sent by e-mail to:

Name of Organization:


Name of primary contact: Mr./Miss/Mrs./Ms.


Mailing Address:

Street Address:

Telephone number:


FAX number:


E-mail address:


World Wide Web site:

Days and hours of operation:

About the Organization

  1. Director or head of organization
  2. Ownership (government/private/society/university/association)
  3. Parent organization
  4. Type of organization (university/library/consulting services/research institute)
  5. Sources of funding
  6. Scope of activity (international/national/regional)
  7. Any other association with the International Monetary Fund?
  8. Major activities of the organization

About the library

  1. Year of establishment

  2. Name of librarian

  3. Professional background of the librarian


Number of staff


( )


Years employed



( )


Total number


  1. Total area: _____________ sq. ft/sq. m. (indicate whether feet or meters)

  2. Seating capacity of reading room

  3. Number of sections in library

  4. Total number of volumes in collection

  5. Number of journals received:    Paid     Exchange    Gratis     Total

  6. Number of documents received gratis


Annual budget of library for the three most recent years for which information is available.








  1. Acquisition procedures

  2. Do you acquire books/journals directly from the publishers or through jobber or bookseller?

  3. Equipment:
       Microfilm reader
       Mimeograph machine
       Facsimile machine
       Other _______________
  4. Do users require:
       Bibliographic searches
       Purchase of publications for individual needs
       Quiet work area
       Other _______________

  5. Number of users daily ________ Number of individuals served during a year _______

  6. Which of these professions best describes your library's users:
       Government planner
       Project manager
       Other _______________

  7. Do you lend books/journals to:
       Members of your own organization
       Members of other organizations
       Members of the public
       Other _______________

  8. Is your library open to the general public?

  9. Is access to your library free of charge?

  10. What language other than English would your readers understand?
       Other _______________

  11. List your major sources of publications or information

  12. Have you ever used a computerized bibliographic database?

  13. List other organizations for whom you currently serve as a depositary library

Submitted by: _____________________________
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  Contact person and title    
  Name of Library    
  Telephone number:
FAX number:
E-Mail address:

Please complete this form and fax or mail to:
  Publication Services
International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street, 12-607
Washington, DC 20431 U.S.A.
  FAX: (202) 623-7201