Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the IMF, Thirty- Sixth Issue -- Partial Distribution of the General Reserve Attributed to Windfall Gold Sale Profits

Prepared by the Legal Department of the IMF
As updated as of December 31, 2011

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Reserves, Distribution of Net Income, and Investment


1. Pursuant to Article V, Section 2(b), the Fund adopts the Instrument to Establish the Interim Administered Account for Windfall Gold Sales Profits (the “Administered Account”) that is attached to this decision.

2. In accordance with Article XVII, Section 3, the Fund prescribes that:

(a) an SDR Department participant or prescribed holder, by agreement with an SDR Department participant or prescribed holder and at the instruction of the Fund, may transfer SDRs to that participant or prescribed holder in effecting a transfer to or from the Administered Account or in effecting a payment due to or by the Fund in connection with financial operations under the Administered Account.

(b) Operations pursuant to these prescriptions shall be recorded in accordance with Rule P-9.

3. Pursuant to Article XII, Section 6(d), an amount equivalent to SDR 0.7 billion of the general reserve shall be distributed to all members in proportion to their quotas. The payment of the distribution shall be made in SDRs or, if the Fund or a member so decides, in the member’s own currency, provided that payment to a member with overdue repurchase obligations in the General Resources Account shall be made in the member's own currency.

4. In accordance with Article XII, Section 6(f)(vi) and Article XII, Section 6(f)(ix), the Fund decides to reduce the amount of investment in the Investment Account by an amount equivalent to SDR 0.7 billion and to transfer the proceeds from this reduction to the General Resources Account for immediate use in the Fund’s operations and transactions.

5. Paragraphs 1 through 4 above shall become effective when the Managing Director has notified the Executive Board that, in her assessment, satisfactory financing assurances exist regarding the availability of at least SDR 630 million for new subsidy contributions to the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust based upon: (a) the amount that members have requested in writing be transferred as subsidy contributions to the PRGT from their share in the partial distribution of the general reserve provided for in paragraph 3 of this decision; (b) the amount of other new contributions that members have provided as subsidy contributions to the PRGT in light of this decision; and (c) the amount of other subsidy contributions that members have given written assurances that they will provide to the PRGT in light of this decision.

6. Paragraph 1(b) of the decision on Attribution of Reductions in Fund’s Holdings of Currencies, Decision No. 6831-(81/65), adopted April 22, 1981 and effective May 1, 1981, as amended, shall be amended to read as follows: “(b) For a member with overdue repurchase obligations, the reduction shall be attributed to any obligation to repurchase.” (SM/12/23, 02/03/12)

Decision No. 15092-(12/19),
February 24, 2012

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