Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the IMF, Thirty- Seventh Issue -- Summing Up by the Acting ChairmanóReview of Fund FacilitiesóProposed Decisions and Implementation Guidelines, Executive Board Meeting 00/113, November 17, 2000

Prepared by the Legal Department of the IMF
As updated as of December 31, 2013

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Publication of Reports

Summing Up by the Acting Chairman—Review of Fund Facilities—Proposed Decisions and Implementation Guidelines

Executive Board Meeting 00/113, November 17, 2000

Directors agreed that recognition will be given to members’ meeting repurchase expectations by mentioning this fact in summings up and, if they are published, Public Information Notices (PINs) following Article IV or post-program monitoring discussions, and by reporting on the member’s country-specific page of the web site. Extensions of expectations will be made public in the form of a factual statement posted on the IMF web site on the member’s country-specific page, and in the next weekly update of “Fund Financial Activities: Week at a Glance.” …

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