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Being a Small State Isn’t Easy, But It Doesn’t Have to be Hard

August 28, 2014

Teafualiku island, part of Tuvalu, one of a series of low lying islands that are threatened by global warming (photo: Ashley Cooper/Corbis)

Small states or countries with fewer than 1.5 million people have been struggling economically in recent years. An IMF economist offers an explanation and possible solutions.

Sarwat Jarhan, IMF economist

Is Africa Forging a Unique Development Path?

August 15, 2014

Oasis shopping mall, Kampala, Uganda. Africa’s rapid urbanization has fed the country’s service sector (photo: Yannick Tylle/Corbis)

Traditionally, countries developed their economies by moving away from agriculture into manufacturing. This was then followed by growth of the service sector. But many countries in Africa are building their service sector without transitioning through widespread industrialization. Is Africa experiencing a quite different path towards development? Click here for more information.

Douglas Gollin, Professor of Development Economics, Oxford Department of International Development

Avoiding a Hard Landing in China

August 07, 2014

Construction in China. Many local governments rely on borrowing, real estate revenue to finance spending, says Rodlauer (photo: Paul Souders/Corbis)

Chinese economic growth has been slowing in recent years. If the world’s second largest economy is to achieve sustainable, long-term growth, it needs reforms to shadow banking, local government finances and the real estate sector, say IMF economists.

Markus Rodlauer, IMF mission chief for China

How Fiscal Policy Can Address Energy’s Environmental Impacts

July 31, 2014

Coal power station near Cottbus, Germany. Moving from existing to efficient fuel prices would reduce pollution-related deaths. (photo: Rehle/Reuters/Newscom)

Fiscal policies should be center stage in getting energy prices to reflect the harmful health and environmental side effects associated with energy use, according to a new report released by the IMF.

Ian Parry, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Firms Told: Pay Your Fair Share to Reduce Inequality

July 10, 2014

Gold miner at work in South Africa. Many sub-Saharan African countries depend heavily on taxes from resource extraction (photo: Charles o’Rear/Corbis)

Equality is not just about everyone getting their fair share, it’s also about everyone paying their fair share. A top NGO chief says the growing wealth gap could be reduced by tightening both domestic and international tax rules.
Read more: Blog and Policy Paper.
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Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International

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