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Firms Told: Pay Your Fair Share to Reduce Inequality

July 10, 2014

Gold miner at work in South Africa. Many sub-Saharan African countries depend heavily on taxes from resource extraction (photo: Charles o’Rear/Corbis)

Equality is not just about everyone getting their fair share, it’s also about everyone paying their fair share. A top NGO chief says the growing wealth gap could be reduced by tightening both domestic and international tax rules.
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Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International

IMF Offers Free Economic Training to All

July 03, 2014

Students working at their computers, Abuja, Nigeria. A stronger understanding of the economy could help promote a sounder public debate, says Dudine.

The IMF has launched the first in a series of free online courses for those interested in furthering their economic education. One of the course’s instructors explains the benefits of raising the public’s knowledge about economics, and what he himself has learned from the creation of the course. Listen on Soundcloud

Paolo Dudine, IMF economist and Massive Open Online Course instructor

The Rise and Rise of Shadow Banking in China

June 26, 2014

Construction site Shanghai, China. Shadow banking has fuelled the rapid growth in property development (photo: Kohls/Corbis)

Shadow banking is a system of uninsured investments from non-bank institutions. It can yield very high returns, but investments come with the risk of total bust. Despite the potential for enormous losses, shadow banking will continue to be a part of China's economic landscape, says one Sino expert.

David Dollar, Brookings Institution

Africa: Future Bright, If It Does the Right Thing

June 20, 2014

Mining for gold in DR Congo. African countries only receive 3-5 percent of royalties for natural resources, says Armah (photo: Guillaume Bonn/Corbis)

Africa has grown faster than many other parts of the world over the last two decades, but many Africans are still not seeing the benefits. One Africa specialist suggests measures that authorities might adopt to take advantage of the continent’s burgeoning potential.

Bartholomew Armah, UN’s Economic Commission for Africa.

David Dollar on The Sino Shift

June 12, 2014

Migrant workers’ dorm building, China. Future migrants are likely to work in the service sector (photo: Imagine China/Corbis)

After years of double digit expansion, China’s economic growth is slowing. The world’s second largest economy expanded off the back of manufacturing, investment and exports. But, China is now looking inwards for its future growth.

David Dollar, Brookings Institution

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