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Balance of Payments Accounts and Analysis

This CD-ROM contains a course on working with balance of payments statistics (BOP). The course is intended both for compilers, who gather and classify BOP statistics, and for analysts who use those statistics. The program uses a case study approach to teaching the principles of classification and analysis of international transactions. The user, who is on assignment, is faced with realistic problems that need resolution. There are several opportunities to get help by browsing sections of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual and by taking a course in the "BOP Institute."

$29.50. English. ©1999. CD-ROM
ISBN 1-55775-760-7
Stock # BPAAEI

Balance of Payments Statistics: International Standards and Guidelines

This CD-ROM contains English versions of the following balance of payments methodological publications:

Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition (BPM5)
Financial Derivatives: Addendum to the Fifth Edition (1993)
      of the Balance of Payments Manual
Balance of Payments (BOPS) Compilation Guide
Balance of Payments Textbook

Descriptions of the BPM5, the BOPS Compilation Guide, BOPS Textbook, and Financial Derivatives: Addendum to the Fifth Edition (1993) of the Balance of Payments Manual are provided elsewhere in this catalog.

This CD-ROM contains PDF files. These files can be searched and printed. Links to related Internet sites are also included.

$75.00 English. ©2000. CD-ROM
ISBN 1-55775-919-7
Stock # BPSIEI

Exchange Rate Analysis with a Case Study on Poland

The exchange rate is a highly visible indicator and a key policy variable--one that can have considerable impact on a country's well-being. Because the exchange rate is so important, issues of exchange rate policy are often hotly debated--and vital to understand. The IMF Institute and Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government have produced an interactive computer-based training program on CD that lets you explore exchange rate issues in different ways. First, there is a tutorial on exchange rate concepts complete with exercises and simulations. Second, there is a case study focusing on important exchange rate issues in Poland debated by the President of the Central Bank of Poland, the Deputy Minister of Finance, and IMF officials. And third, there is a searchable database with an extensive collection of articles about these issues.

$29.50. English. ©1998. CD-ROM
ISBN 1-55775-708-9
Stock #ERA-EI

IMF Glossary, English-French-German-Russian-Spanish (Second Edition)

The IMF Glossary on CD-ROM, is a compilation of English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish terminology, comprising approximately 60,000 terms on money, banking, public finance, economic growth, and fiscal policy. It is powered by TRADOS' Multi-Term Dictionary. This CD also contains supplementary information on the IMF's role and activities, including Articles of Agreement, By-Laws, and currency units providing a complete list of currency units and adjectives of nationality of member countries and territories of the world in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

$50.00. ©2000.CD-ROM
ISBN 1-55775-806-9.
Stock #GLO-EI

Macrolinks: A Program about the Interrelations Among Macroeconomic Accounts

This interactive computer-based training program provides a comprehensive treatment of the interrelations among macroeconomic accounts and the flow of funds. It is the first CD-ROM produced by the IMF Institute on a core subject of its courses. The subject is presented in a variety of ways, using video, audio, and text, and the main points are illustrated with graphics and numerical examples. The program demonstrates how to construct a flow-of-funds table from available macroeconomic accounts and how to resolve inconsistencies in the data. Then, it lets the user exercise these skills on a flow-of-funds table for an actual case, and the program provides feedback as the task is being completed. The CD-ROM includes a glossary and answers to 40 frequently asked questions. 1997.

$29.50. English and Spanish. ©1997.CD-ROM
ISBN 1-55775-747-X
Stock #MPIMEI0011997