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The IMF and Europe


Ukraine Unveils Reform Program with IMF Support

April 30, 2014

Ukraine unveiled a comprehensive program of economic reforms, backed by a $17.1 billion IMF loan approved on April 30 by the institution’s Executive Board.

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Maastricht and the Crisis in Europe: Where We’ve Been and What We’ve Learned

Brussels, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Presentation by Reza Moghadam, Director, European Department.


Nordic-Baltic Financial Linkages and Challenges

December 13, 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

This conference - jointly organized by the International Monetary Fund, Eesti Pank and Sveriges Riksbank - brought together high-level policy makers from the region and local and international experts to discuss the key challenges facing the Nordic-Baltic financial sector.

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Outlook for Europe: Boosting Growth and Employment

December 10, 2013

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde addressed the European Economic and Social Committee plenary in Brussels on December 10.

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Photo: IMF MD Christine Lagarde (L), EESC President Henri Malosse (R). Photo copyright: European Union, 2013


IMF Europe Office in Paris and Brussels

The IMF Europe Office, located in Paris and Brussels, serves as liaison to EU institutions and governments, as well as international organizations and civil society in Europe.

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