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EDG Questionnaire on Employer Pensions
Moderator on 12/16/2003 12:22:53 PM
The Moderator posts today on the EDG an EDG Questionnaire on Employer Pensions.

The EDG Questionnaire on Employer Pensions is designed to provide an opportunity to all interested party to communicate its opinion. It focuses only on employer pensions. It builds on the Straw Poll Questionnaire, improves on it and complements it.

The Intersecretariat Working Group on National Accounts (ISWGNA) has requested the Moderator of the Electronic Discussion Group on pensions (EDG) provide by December 2003 a ?final? Report on recommendations for changes to the 1993 SNA regarding employer pension schemes recordings.

To prepare this ?final? Report, a draft Position Paper (DPP) was prepared and posted on the EDG web site, for comments, on December 1, 2003. A Straw Poll Questionnaire had been circulated to many experts on September 17, 2003, on the whole field of pension recording in macroeconomic statistics. Results of the 35 responses received were compiled and posted on the EDG on November 24, 2003. A Moderator Interim Report (IR), covering the whole field on pensions and summarizing the 28 contributions received, was posted on the EDG on September 24, 2003.

Answers provided by December 29, 2003 will be aggregated and referred to in the EDG December Report. Answers up to February 3, 2004 will be aggregated and referred to at the AEG (unless insufficient additional responses arrive). Comments are best provided via e-mail at: or Or by fax at:
The EDG Moderator

The authors of this contribution to the discussion group on this site bear the sole responsibility for both the substance and the style of the contents. The purpose of the discussion group is to elicit comments and to promote debate on specific topics. As such, the views expressed on any of the issues raised are not to be attributed to the IMF.
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