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The OECD Task Force on Pension Statistics
Jean-Marc Salou (OECD) on 2/20/2003 4:39:27 PM
The OECD Financial Markets Division, within the Directorate for Financial, Fiscal and Enterprises affairs, initiated in 2002 a statistical project, the aim of which is to set up a database of global pension statistics. In order to support this project and to provide methodological support for the substantive organisation of this activity, the OECD Task Force on Pension Statistics (TFPS), which gathers 17 OECD Delegations, was created in 2002.

This project will benefit from the analytical activities of the OECD Working Party on Private Pensions (WPPP), in particular the recently approved OECD 'Revised taxonomy of pension plans, pension funds and pension entities' (see: This expanded classification system, which elaborates further, both institutional and functional perspectives, builds also on the SNA 1993 distinction between Autonomous vs. Non-autonomous pension funds. To the question as to which financial institutions, those institutions entrusted with pension funds or the pension funds themselves, should be treated as financial institutions, the OECD Taxonomy brings an alternative approach to cover pension entities separately by type of pension plan, by type of pension fund and by type of pension entity.

In order to develop a common understanding and vocabulary, ongoing work on a glossary for pension related terms also complements the statistical project. The 'OECD Pensions Glossary' (see: of pension terms includes an expanded list of terms, proposed definitions and related vocabularies. Some of the definitions are extracted from the OECD Secretariat document 'Revised taxonomy for pension plans, pension funds and pension entities'.

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