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AEG meeting The Moderator Oct 21, 2005
Final report of EDG Findings Moderator Oct 14, 2004
     Comments by the Eurostat Financial Accounts Working Group Dieter Glatzel, Chair FAWP Dec 03, 2004
Draft Report of EDG Findings The Moderator Aug 16, 2004
     RE: reaction on the Draft report of EDG findings Dieter Glatzel Sep 22, 2004
     Comments on the draft EDG Report Philippe de Rougemont Nov 09, 2004
Review of International Statistical Standards: Valuation and Recognition of Loans. The European Central Bank, General Statistics Directorate Aug 10, 2004
IMF Statistics Department Loan Valuation Working Group The Moderator Jun 07, 2004
     RE: IMF Statistics Department Loan Valuation Working Group -- Comment on the Options and Government Loans Kevin O'Connor Jun 25, 2004
     Preliminary Comment from the BOP Technical Expert Group The Moderator Jun 28, 2004
     Non Performing Loans: A Contribution in Favor of Option 3 Francois Lequiller Jul 15, 2004
     The Case for a Hybrid of Options 2 and 4 Chris Wright Aug 04, 2004
     A Comment on terminology issues Deborah Guz Oct 15, 2004
         Response to Deborah?s Guz?s comments on the Loan Valuation Issues Paper Andrew Kitili Dec 02, 2004
The implications of the new IAS 39 on the treatment of impaired assets in the national accounts Russell Krueger and Ana-Maria Valencia, IMF Mar 09, 2004
Non-performing Loans EDG. Presentation and Discussion at National Accounts Experts Meeting. October 2003 The Moderator Jan 22, 2004
Progress Report. October 2003 The Moderator Oct 28, 2003
Loan Valuation - Back to Basics Australian Bureau of Statistics Aug 20, 2003
The Treatment of Nonperforming Loans in China Yanfei Ye Jul 07, 2003
Money Banking and Financial Market Statistics in the Accession Countries Methodological Manual Volume 1. Vlastimil Vojacek Jul 07, 2003
Comments on the Treatment of Nonperforming Loans in the Context of Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs): Kadri Manasoo Jul 01, 2003
     Response to issues raised by Kadri Mansoo Inwon Song and Luis Cortavarria -Checkley Aug 13, 2003
Identifying Nonperforming Loans in Slovenia Karmen Kuncic Jul 01, 2003
The Czech Republic Approach to Assessing Financial Receivables and Creating Provisions Petra Davidová Jul 01, 2003
The Treatment of Impaired Assets in Latvia Ludmila Mjagkiha Jun 18, 2003
Comment on "International Standards for Impairment and Provisions and their Implications for Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)" - by Russell Krueger Olivier Frecaut Jun 17, 2003
Comments on Nonperforming Loans and Interest Accrual Isaac Svartsman May 27, 2003
     RE: Comments on Nonperforming Loans and Interest Accrual Inwon Song Jun 16, 2003
A Note on Non-performing Loans Pablo Mandler and Daniel Finzi May 27, 2003
Nonperforming Assets in Macroeconomics V. Subrahmanyam May 27, 2003
     RE: Nonperforming Assets in Macroeconomics Inwon Song Jun 16, 2003
Selected Issues on the Treatment of Nonperforming Loans in Macroeconomic Statistics Ralph Kozlow May 27, 2003
Draft Compilation Guide on Financial Soundness Indicators, IMF 2003 Statistics and Monetary and Financial Systems Department(s) May 07, 2003
How should we value non-traded long term bonds? An example from Japan. Hiroyasu ANDO Mar 24, 2003
SNA and MFSM Treatment Causes Problems Carmencita C Santos Mar 03, 2003
NONPERFORMING LOANS EDG / SOUTH AFRICA Johan van den Heever Jan 21, 2003
Comments on IMF Working Paper WP/01/209 Philip Turnbull Sep 12, 2002
Purpose of Exercise? Derick Cullen Aug 13, 2002