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Pension Schemes: Social Insurance and Social Protection
John Walton on 7/2/2003 9:29:19 AM
This paper by John Walton is written in a purely personal capacity and the views herein should not be attributed to any part of Eurostat.

This note is about the possibly different borderlines in two statistical systems which use the term ?social? in regard to pension schemes. Current developments may be exacerbating differences which were previously minimal. First, in the national accounts, there is a border between pension schemes which are classified as social insurance and those which are classified as individual life insurance; secondly, in social protection statistics, at least in the European System (?ESSPROS?), there is a border between schemes which are classified as social protection (in the old age and survivorship functions) and those which are outside the scope of social protection. In principle, the issues about borderlines should be considered in terms of schemes, which are not always the same as institutional units in the national accounts.

John Walton is consultant to Eurostat (Unit E4).

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