Andrew Tweedie

Director, Finance Department, IMF

Andrew Tweedie is Director of the Finance Department at the International Monetary Fund. In this capacity, he oversees the mobilization, management and control of the Fund’s financial resources and advises Fund management and the Executive Board on all aspects of its financial policies and operations. His responsibilities include the development and implementation of policies aimed at ensuring the efficient and sound management of the Fund’s resources, financial reporting, accounting, liquidity and asset management, and the conduct of the Fund’s financial transactions with member countries.

A New Zealand native, Mr. Tweedie was appointed to his current position in July 2008. He previously served in a range of senior positions including mission chief in the Asia Pacific and Western Hemisphere Departments, Assistant to the Fund’s Chief Economist, Advisor to the Deputy Managing Director, and Deputy Director of the Finance Department.

Prior to joining the IMF in 1987, Mr. Tweedie worked for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, where he held managerial positions overseeing monetary policy, banking, and domestic economic analysis. He has also served as a consultant on monetary and banking policy at the Bank of Papua New Guinea. Mr. Tweedie holds a first class honors degree in economics from Victoria University in Wellington.

Last Updated: August 26, 2020