Daniel Citrin

Director, Office of Budget and Planning (OBP)

Biographical Information

Daniel Citrin was appointed Director of the Office of Budget and Planning (OBP) at the International Monetary Fund in December 2009. Just prior to that, he served as Head of the Office of the Managing Director from late 2008; before that he was Deputy Director in the Asia and Pacific Department (APD), handling systemic surveillance (Japan) and program (Indonesia) countries, as well as a range of strategic and administrative issues. He served as the department’s senior budget manager, led three Fund-wide task forces on the review process for staff papers and documents, streamlining procedures within the Fund, and reviewing the Fund’s travel policy.

Before joining APD in 2001, Mr. Citrin was advisor to the First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer for several years, and also worked as a senior staff in the European Department with responsibility for the Fund’s program with Russia.

Mr. Citrin is a British national who grew up in Tokyo, and is fluent in Japanese. He began his career at the Fund in 1982 under the economist program. He holds a B.A. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters and Ph.D. candidacy in economics from the University of Michigan.