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Pierre Bardin

Pierre Bardin has served as a Financial Sector Expert in the IMF Legal Department’s Financial Integrity Unit since March 2022. Prior to that, he worked the past 5 years as a policy analyst in the FATF Secretariat. In this capacity, he assessed AML/CFT compliance of Finland, South Africa and Cote d’Ivoire (IMF led evaluations) with the FATF standards in the context of their mutual evaluation. As a member of the FATF Secretariat’s ICRG unit in charge of ensuring increased monitoring of publicly identified jurisdictions, he managed an assessment team of 10 experts in the regular review process of countries in the Americas and Caribbean regions. Before joining the FATF Secretariat, Pierre has served 7 years as an economist experienced in sovereign debt and development policies at the French Treasury, in particular on debt sustainability analysis and sovereign debt restructuring negotiations at the Paris Club Secretariat. Pierre graduated with a Master of Arts in Public Affairs from Sciences Po Paris in 2007.

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