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IMF Institute Training at Internal Economics Training (IET), Washington, D.C., United States

The Institute for Capacity Development organizes internal economics training (IET) for IMF staff at HQ in Washington, D.C. This program offers short courses and seminars to help staff keep abreast of current economic thinking and issues of relevance to the IMF.
Selection Process:
Although the program is designed primarily for IMF staff a limited number of seats in specified multi-day courses are available to member-country officials. No fees are charged for attending the courses but officials must cover their own travel expenses. All courses are conducted in English with no interpretation. IET events are recorded and made available only to IMF staff due to copyrights protocol.

IET Courses Open to Country Officials:

Econometrics and Macro-Modeling
  • Econometrics for Macroeconomists Using Stata
  • Formulation Estimation and Policy Analysis with DSGE Models
  • Macroeconometric Modeling and Forecasting Using EViews
  • Macroprudential Policy Modeling for Open Economies
  • Exchange Rate Economics
  • Growth Policy Design
  • Modern Monetary Economics
  • New Developments in Fiscal Policy
Self-Financed Policy:
Candidates from international agencies and advanced regional countries who apply to attend IMF training events, if accepted, will be considered self-financed. Local staff in IMF Resident Representative offices selected to train at regional training centers and programs would also be self-financed. However, they are eligible to attend training at HQ as regular participants. Attending as self-financed provides the same access to course content and activities, but all associated costs (accommodation, travel, and per diem) need to be covered by the sponsoring institution.
Ms. Pearl Acquaah Smith-Mensah,
Section Chief, Economics Training Management
Institute for Capacity Development
International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20431, USA
+1 (202) 623-6447
Frequently Asked Questions: On Selection Guidelines, Sponsorship and Eligibility
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IMF Institute Training at Internal Economics Training (IET), Washington, D.C., United States

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