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Fiscal Policy

Virtual: Assessing and Managing Fiscal Risks from Public-Private-Partnerships (AMFR-PPP)

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Session No.: JV 21.09V

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: March 8-11, 2021 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Mid-level to senior government officials working in ministries of economy and finance, PPP units, public investment units, fiscal risk units, ministries of infrastructure, or fiscal planning bodies.

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    Relevant experience in public investment management, PPP project development and management, and management of fiscal risks.

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    Course Description

    This course, presented by the Fiscal Affairs Department, provides an overview of the potential fiscal costs and risks arising from PPPs. It introduces participants to international standards for accounting and reporting on PPPs, as well as good practices for managing them while safeguarding fiscal sustainability. The course will have hands-on exercises, where participants will be able to use the IMF’s and World Bank’s PFRAM 2.0 analytical tool to identify and quantify the fiscal impact of both individual projects and the overall portfolio of PPP projects.

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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Identify main fiscal costs and risks arising from different types of PPP projects.
    • Use the analytical tool PFRAM 2.0 to understand the international accounting and reporting standards for recording PPP transactions in government fiscal aggregates (i.e., deficit and debt) following both the cash and accrual accounting bases, as well as estimating main contingent liabilities arising from PPP contracts (e.g., debt guarantees, minimum revenue guarantees, and contract termination clauses).
    • Develop a fiscal risks matrix for different types of PPP projects using PFRAM 2.0 and discuss good international practices for managing and mitigating specific fiscal risks from PPPs.
    • Assess a portfolio of PPP projects focusing on its overall fiscal impact under different macroeconomic scenarios and simulate the fiscal impact of contract termination. 
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