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Virtual : Public Investment Management Assessment


Session No.: SA 21.12V

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: February 8-12, 2021 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Mid-senior level officers from Ministry of Finance and line ministries who contribute to decisions pertaining to public investment for development of infrastructure or in monitoring of such investments.
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    No formal qualifications are required. Basic understanding of the concepts of public investment management would be helpful.
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    Course Description

    The regional Workshop on Public Investment Management Assessment (PIMA) will provide an opportunity to officials in the region to expand their knowledge of the assessment methodology and enable them to monitor their progress in public investment management reforms. The workshop will also enable peer learning as some countries have already had a PIMA carried out earlier.The workshop will: - introduce participants to the public investment management institutions based on the PIMA analytical framework;- assist the participants in understanding gaps and weaknesses in the public investment management; and- provide an overview on preparing a prioritized action plan for public investment management. The final day of the workshop will focus on the climate change assessment.
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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to: - understand the value in conducting an assessment to evaluate the planning, allocating and implementation of public investment activities;- contribute to extended discussions on selected PIMA institutions and perform a measure of self -assessment of their activities.- contribute to developing a public investment management reform plan
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