Press Release: Mauritania Formally Begins Participation in the IMF's General Data Dissemination System

September 8, 2004

Mr. Sidna Ould N'dah, Director of the National Office of Statistics of Mauritania, stated: "Mauritania's participation in the GDDS forms part of its implementation of the action plan contained in the Statistics Master Plan for 2000-05. The national statistics system is essential for good governance and consequently its development has been a constant priority for the Mauritanian government, with the result that significant progress has been made in recent years. The step to participate in the GDDS is a further reflection of this determination to make relevant high-quality statistical data available to the community of users in a timely fashion and in accordance with international standards."

Mr. Rob Edwards, Director of the IMF's Statistics Department, noted that Mauritania became the 79th country to participate in the GDDS. "The Mauritanian authorities recognize that participation in the GDDS is an important step toward the production of sound macroeconomic, financial, and socio-demographic data that meet international standards. The inclusion of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) indicators into the framework of the GDDS will allow users to better monitor poverty reduction policies."

The GDDS, established by the IMF in 1997, provides a framework to assist IMF member countries to develop their statistical systems with the objective of producing comprehensive and accurate statistics for policy making and analysis. It addresses the quality and the dissemination of data. In addition, the DSBB for Mauritania shows the country's plans for improvements in its statistics infrastructure and related technical assistance needs. This information provides the international community with a useful framework to develop and coordinate technical cooperation projects in Mauritania.


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