Arab Youth Campaign on Innovation Contest

We would like to thank all the talented and inspiring innovators who participated in the Arab Youth Campaign for Innovation organized jointly by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Arab Monetary Fund (AMF). The judging committee, which consisted of external judges and representatives from the IMF and AMF selected the winners based on the originality and the impact of their work. 

We are happy to announce the following winners:

  • Afnan Kamel Ali, Jordan: 
    Tech Academy for AI and robotic education for children
  • Saeed Abduljalil Alfagieh, Yemen:
    App./ platform to link people with long term and short term jobs
  • Omar Guiga, Tunisia:
    The first car manufacturer in Tunisia

Prize for most promising initiative:

  • Hanane Rifai, Morocco:
    Producing green, fresh and nutritive low cost fodder 

The winners will present their innovative work to hundreds of participants in the conference, jointly organized by the Government of Morocco, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development (AFESD), and Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), entitled “Opportunity for All: Promoting Growth, Jobs, and Inclusiveness in the Arab World,” in Marrakesh, Morocco on January 29-30, 2018.


We look forward to having the winning innovators join us at the conference. 


You can check all the inspiring video entries on the contest website

For further information, contact Angham Al Shami at