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Christopher M Towe:



Title: U.S. Fiscal Policies and Priorities for Long-Run Sustainability

Author: Mühleisen, Martin ; Towe, M Christopher

Series: Occasional Paper No. 227

Date: January 7, 2004

Subject: Economic growth




Title: A U.S. Value-Added Tax : A Review of the Issues

Author: Towe, M Christopher ; Shah, Saurin

Series: Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 95/8

Date: June 1, 1995

Notes: Reviews issues related to the introduction of a value-added tax in the United States.

Subject: Tax policy United States


Title: Recent U.S. Investment Incentives

Author: Towe, M Christopher

Series: Working Paper No. 93/92

Date: December 1, 1993

Notes: Describes the incentives that were contained in the February 1993 Budget and estimates their effect on the use cost of capital.

Subject: Investment Investment incentives United States