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Gian M Milesi-Ferretti:


Title: The External Wealth of Nations : Measures of Foreign Assets and Liabilities for Industrial and Developing Countries

Author: Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian ; Lane, R. Philip

Series: Working Paper No. 99/115

Date: August 1, 1999

Notes: Link to the data set and documentation for this Working Paper.



Title: Sharp Reductions in Current Account Deficits : An Empirical Analysis

Author: Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian ; Razin, Assaf

Series: Working Paper No. 97/168

Date: December 1, 1997


Title: Fiscal Rules and the Budget Process

Author: Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian

Series: Working Paper No. 96/60

Date: June 1, 1996

Subject: Fiscal policy


Title: Do Taxes Matter for Long-Run Growth? Harberger's Superneutrality Conjecture

Author: Asea, K. Patrick ; Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian ; Mendoza, G. Enrique

Series: Working Paper No. 95/79

Date: August 1, 1995

Notes: This paper was prepared for a special issue of the Journal of Public Economics in honor of Arnold Harberger.

Subject: Investment

Title: Economic Effects and Structural Determinants of Capital Controls

Author: Grilli, Vittorio ; Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian

Series: Working Paper No. 95/31

Date: March 1, 1995

Notes: Study based on a panel of 61 developing and developed countries. Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 42, No. 3, September 1995.

Subject: Inflation Monetary policy


Title: Taxation and Endogenous Growth in Open Economies

Author: Roubini, Nouriel ; Milesi-Ferretti, M Gian

Series: Working Paper No. 94/77

Date: July 1, 1994

Subject: Tax policy

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