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James M. Boughton:


Title: The IMF and the Silent Revolution: Global Finance and Development in the 1980s

Author: Boughton, M. James

Series: Books

Date: September 11, 2000

Notes: This pamphlet is based on the IMF history volume published in 2001 entitled "Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund 1979-1989.

Subject: Debt default Exchange rate policy Exchange rates External debt Financial crises Foreign exchange Inflation Prices




Title: Adjusting to Development: The IMF and the Poor

Author: Bernstein, Boris ; Boughton, M. James

Series: Policy Discussion Paper No. 1993/004

Date: March 1, 1993

Subject: Monetary policy Political economy


Title: $name

Author: James M. Boughton

Series: Working Papers

Date: January 1, 0001

Subject: Demand for money


Title: International Comparisons of Money Demand: A Review Essay

Author: Boughton, M. James

Series: Working Paper No. 1992/007

Date: January 1, 1992

Notes: Reviews the literature on money demand comparisons, focusing primarily on industrial countries.

Subject: Demand for money Money


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