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Chu, Ke-young:



Title: Economic Policy and Equity

Author: Chu, Ke-young ; Sanjeev Gupta ; Tanzi, Vito

Series: Books

Date: May 4, 1999


Title: Social Safety Nets : Issues and Recent Experience

Author: Chu, Ke-young ; Sanjeev Gupta

Series: Books

Date: April 15, 1998


Title: Social Protection in Transition Countries : Emerging Issues

Author: Sanjeev Gupta ; Chu, Ke-young

Series: Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 96/5

Date: May 1, 1996

Subject: Social policy Tax policy


Title: Output Decline and Government Expenditures in European Transition Economies

Author: Schwartz, Gerd ; Chu, Ke-young

Series: Working Paper No. 94/68

Date: June 1, 1994

Notes: East European countries comprise Bulgaria, former Czechoslovakia and its two successor republics, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Subject: Fiscal policy