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Morris Goldstein:




Title: The Integration of World Capital Markets

Author: Goldstein, Morris ; Mussa, Michael

Series: Working Paper No. 1993/095

Date: December 1, 1993

Notes: The turmoil in the European Monetary System in the fall of 1992, and the surge of capital inflows into Latin America during the last three years, are examined.

Subject: Balance of payments Capital flows Capital market integration Capital markets Currencies Economic integration Financial markets International capital markets Money Securities



Title: $name

Author: Morris Goldstein ; Geoffrey Woglom

Series: Working Papers

Date: January 1, 0001



Title: Monetary Policy in an Emerging European Economic and Monetary Union: Key Issues

Author: Frenkel, A. Jacob ; Goldstein, Morris

Series: Working Paper No. 1990/073

Date: August 1, 1990

Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 38, No. 2, June 1991.

Subject: Exchange rate arrangements Exchange rate policy Exchange rate stability Exchange rates Fiscal policy Foreign exchange


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